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Wheel nut Ford Transit 2000-2013 OEWheel nut Ford Transit 2000-2013 OE sideWheel nut Ford Transit 2000-2013 OE MK6 MK7Wheel nut Ford Transit 2000-2013 OE pad

Wheel nut Ford Transit 2000-2013 OE


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Wheel nut Ford Transit 2000-2013 OE

Wheel nut Ford Transit 2000-2013 OE is a product that connects the rim with the wheel hub. The part also has a securing function because it prevents the wheels from loosening while driving. The product is made of the highest quality materials, which makes it resistant to changing weather conditions and overloads. The wheel bolt has a hexagonal head. The lug nut can be used for front wheel drive (FWD) and rear wheel drive (RWD) vehicles. This product is sold in a set with a swivel washer. There are 5 wheel nuts for each wheel, total of 20 wheel nuts for the entire vehicle. The listing is for one wheel nut. The wheel nut for the Ford Transit 2000-2013 is the genuine Ford OE part, which is characterized by high quality and longevity.




7C11-1K024-AB ( 7C111K024AB )
7C11-1K024-AA ( 7C111K024AA )
W705808-S902 ( W705808S902 )
W705808-S427 ( W705808S427 )
6C11-1K024-AB ( 6C111K024AB )

Ford Transit MK6 2000-2006
Ford Transit MK7 2006-2013

Condition - new

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